Discover how Android helps developers and manufacturers around the world



Android’s developer features allow Aviary to iterate builds up to three times faster than other platforms while maintaining a regular dialogue with its users.


Thanks to Google Play, BabyFirst’s educational apps for babies have achieved over 40% more downloads on Android than any other platform.

Be My Eyes

The app that brings sight to the blind


With 35 million members in 22 countries, BlaBlaCar is the world’s largest ridesharing community, and Android is at the heart of the company’s success.


See how Box achieved over 5 million installs by harnessing the flexibility of the Android platform.


The app that rewards sustainable mobility


Android has helped toymaker Clementoni boost app sales and grow its market share in the children’s tablet sector to 55%.


The app that breaks a taboo.


Since launching on Android, DailyArt has been downloaded 135,000 times and the company now has over 80,000 members worldwide.


Watch how Vietnamese developer DivMob introduced sub-dollar pricing in various markets to achieve a 300% increase in daily transactions.


Following its launch on Android, DJiT’s music app quickly became its largest contributor to growth, with more than 70% of new downloads now on Android.


The app that moves so fast it needs a crash helmet.


After choosing to develop its app on Android, 65% of Everytap’s downloads have occurred on the open platform.


Thanks to Google Play, more than 7.5 million Android users have edited and shared their photos using EyeEm’s innovative photo editing app.


For Fuelio developer Adrian Kajda, Android provides an open and flexible operating system that enables the Fuelio app to reach the widest possible audience.


See how Syrian developer Mojahed Akil created Gherbtna, an Android app to help him and his fellow refugees to navigate their new life in Turkey.


Android enabled a developer and a doctor to launch GiftedMom, an app that provides life-saving information to moms in developing countries.


Discover how Android gives the developers at HotelOga the the ability to respond directly to their users’ needs, as well as reach a wide audience in a quick timeframe.


InLoop creates mobile apps for businesses around the world and CEO Martin Adamek credits much of its success to Android’s flexibility as a development platform.


See how Android assisted developers in creating and distributing Lazzus, a smartphone app that helps the visually impaired navigate their surroundings.

Le Cicogne

Discover how Android helped the co-founders of Le Cicogne, an app that helps parents find their ideal babysitters, increase their customer base by 30%.


Thanks to Android’s efficiency and openness, grocery shopping app Listonic was able to launch before its competitors and has since been downloaded nearly one million times.


Android provides Musixmatch unprecedented freedom, which makes it their leading development program. Today, 16 million of their downloads have come from Google Play.


By developing on Android, MyABCKit is able to drive real change in primary education, both in Spain and the rest of the world.

New York Times

The New York Times saw a 125% increase in subscription conversion using Google Play Billing after driving paying customers from over 150 countries via their Android app.

Ola & Olo

Ola & Olo develops Android games for children and was started as a mere passion project. Now, the company has 100,000 users and has been downloaded all over the world.


See how Over had its first prototype running within a week despite the entire team being new to Android.

Peak Games

Peak Games has leveraged Android to grow in international markets with a 30-40% lower average cost per acquisition than other platforms.


Android helped Pola develop an app that lets Polish shoppers find information about the origin of any product simply by scanning its barcode.


Bangalore-based chose Android to deliver a superior travel experience to millions of daily bus riders in India.


Material design and beta testing within Android enabled Roger Voice to create an intuitive voice recognition app for the hearing impaired.


Founded in Kenya, Sendy connects couriers to customers to help enable delivery services that work for the next billion mobile users.

Smart Launcher Srl

Thanks to Android’s open platform, Smart Launcher Srl was able to create an entirely new interface to help Android users locate apps and features.

Space Ape Games

Using Android as a platform for success, Space Ape Games managed to successfully launch its flagship app in the Japanese market.

Star Chart

Android enabled the development of Star Chart, a sky mapping app, which is now used by 15 million people globally on 12 million devices.


After developing Mememtum, an Android app that helps detect neurological disorders, Taniwa has increased revenue by 60% and Mememtum has been tested by over 1,000 patients.


With its success on Android, Chinese game developer Tap4Fun now generates 55 percent of its total gaming revenue globally on Google Play.

Too Good To Go

The app that reduces food waste


The app that helps you see what can’t be heard

Welcome App

The app that helps you feel at home.


Android and Google Play let Wooga iterate its games with incredible speed, enabling the success hits such as Diamond Dash, Jelly Splash, and Pearl’s Peril.



Discover the success Allview has created by using Android as a powerful and flexible operating system for its smartphones and tablet PCs.


Android’s open platform has allowed Archos to compete in the marketplace and offer more affordable smart devices. As a result, Archos has doubled in size in less than six years.


The flexibility and openness of Android has helped Bittium offer a wide range of experiences to its customers, all while helping to keep its development costs in check.


In just 5 years, Madrid-based smartphone manufacturer BQ grew its turnover to €200m.


With Android as its core operating system, Bullitt has been able to double in size in less than one year, and develop truly unique and durable smartphones


Crosscall is a manufacturer of tough, resistant and waterproof smartphones. Thanks to Android being free and scalable, the company can focus on the development of its products and its international growth.


The smartphone that connects generations.


Fairphone launches the world’s first, sustainable modular Android smartphone.

General Mobile

Thanks to Android, General Mobile now generates a turnover of $1 billion and is on track to reach its goals for the future.


Android’s open-source model enabled Gigaset to reduce production costs on its first Android smartphone by 30%.

Silent Circle

Learn how Android enabled Silent Circle to successfully bring a truly unique smartphone to market while drastically cutting development times.


Android provides luxury phone and lifestyle service provider Vertu with the perfect operating system to meet the unique needs of its global affluent customer base.

Zound Industries

Without the costs of licensing or developing an operating system, Zound Industries was able to create and sell its own specialized Android device.

Mobile operators


Swisscom, one of Switzerland’s largest telecom service providers implemented Google Play Direct Carrier Billing in 2014, and they’ve seen an increase in revenues of more than 100% year over year.

Other industries


As one of the first automakers in Europe to integrate Android Auto into their cars, ŠKODA is able to offer an unparalleled level of connectivity to European drivers.