Security & Privacy

We’re expanding the ways we keep you safe.

Earthquake alerts global launch.

Every second matters when it comes to an emergency. The Android Earthquake Alerts System alerts you before an earthquake hits, so you can seek out shelter faster.

In the U.S. our alerts are powered by the ShakeAlert system. But across the globe, our mobile devices are working together to create the world’s largest earthquake detection network. And it’s all done with your privacy protected.

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Assistant & messaging

Helping you stay connected with Android.

Star what’s important in Messages.

Starred messages in the Messages app help you keep track of important information and memories, like your friend’s address or the photo from your family reunion. Star and easily find the content you need later without scrolling through all of your conversations.

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Shortcuts on Google Assistant.

Assistant takes you right to where you want to be in your favorite apps using just your voice. Try saying “Hey Google, pay my Capital One bill” or “Hey Google, resume my run on Strava.”

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Emoji Kitchen updates.

Now you can access your recently used stickers to keep using the mixes you love. And when you open Emoji Kitchen after typing a message, you’ll see contextual suggestions that match.


And so much more.


Dive in deeper.

Old updates, past features, and previous releases. Tools to help you get more out of every moment. We’re always pushing Android forward. Learn what else is available on your device.

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Phones ready for action.

Experience new features from Android on devices made for the latest and greatest.

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